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Property Management

  • Who should hire Platinum Property Management & Realty ?

Anyone who needs a management company which specializes in the care and leasing of deluxe residential and/or commercial properties.

Anyone with additional needs or requirements that are presently not offered by your current contracted Management service.

If you are looking to cut down on routine services that are done inefficiently or services whichshould done automatically on a timely basis.

If you need a company which is efficient and prompt in their response to maintenance requests and owner / tenant concerns.

  • Why choose Platinum ? 

Deluxe property investment deserves Platinum management services!  When you choose Platinum, you get our commitment to do our best to help you solve today's problems today.  You just won't find a partner to help you keep your  investment property in tip-top condition.  The Platinum team takes pride in our services and our relationship to our clients.

Our reputation of honesty and professional integrity assures you that your investment is managed by one of the most respected companies currently in business.  We focus our attention entirely upon your needs.  When you sign on with Platinum you are relieved of the most time-consuming and aggravating aspects of property ownership.

Respect for our competitors, as well as the concerns for our clients, drives us to stay on the leading edge in property management.  We use the latest in property management software which enables us to easily access the necessary records thus improving quality and increasing our speed of service.

Platinum  Property Management & Realty has the experience you can count on.  We have been managing deluxe properties since 1983. Call us today and get the results you want tomorrow!